How To Clean A Diamond

If your diamond has lost its original shine over the years don't worry, there are easy ways to clean your precious jewelry. This video below shows you step by step how to clean your diamond at home with common household items to bring back that original fire. All you need is Ammonia, Measuring Cup, Microwave, Toothbrush and dish soap!

If you have any tips about how you clean your diamonds share your knowledge and leave a comment below...


Lisa Amber said...

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Baby said...

Hi, I wish I had watched this video before I washed my ring. I've been searching everywhere for my diamond--my "washing" loosened the setting. So, I want to replace the stone with a colored diamond, probably blue. Any suggestions on where or how to compare blue colored diamonds? I'd like something like, but they only do clear diamonds, and I don't want one exactly like my original diamond--I keep hoping it will turn up. Eventually. Thanks!

Jay said...

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