The Emerald Cut Diamond

If price is a major concern when picking out an engagement ring or any other piece of cut diamond jewelry you should considered the Emerald Cut Diamond. This type of cut is comparable to the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond but at a significantly cheaper price. This type of cut gets its name from the fact that this is the same way that they cut emeralds. The Emerald cut looks much like a rectangle, and is cut to appear layered.
Even though this type of cut is a bit less expensive the diamonds themselves can still be quite stunning. It creates more flashes of light then a lot of the other cuts and for this reason is quite popular as an engagement ring. If you decide that they Emerald Cut Diamond is the cut for you then make sure that you select the highest grade diamond you can afford. Due to the rectangular shape of this cut flaws and color weakness are much easier to see with the naked eye then with the Princess Cut or the Round Brilliant Cut.Since the Emerald Cut is cheaper you can often afford a bigger diamond then you could with another cut or you can purchase a more stunning ring. It should be noted though that if you choose this cut you will need to purchase a ring with a 4 prong setting. Let the world know what you think about the Emerald Cut Diamond by leaving a comment below...

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